Some interesting websites I've found


ITT Underground is a website that shows exploration of the Illinois Institute of Technology (onion link)

xxiivv is a website owned by a person who lives on a boat and develops software is a blog of one of my online friends. They may or may not also run a forum. is a pubnix made for LGBT people. It also looks like you can host a site there.

novata.ninga is, well, something. I'm not exactly sure what it is myself. is a website that makes fun of how fucking bad CSI: Cyber was.

The Mod Archive is one of the world's largest collections of music modules. is a button that plays a selection of songs in a random order. and cutebunnies are websites owned by the person who runs the pubnix. microwave has a bunch of fun stuff, and cutebunnies is more of a serious blog.

Spooky Scary Skeletons!

fvonline-db has a bunch of keydb.cfg files to help you play blu-ray disks. (http only) has ffmpeg guides. <> I found this page <> to be really helpful for doing stuff with the linux framebuffer.