My Nginx Configs Must Go!

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date:Thursday, November 25 2021


So I was talking with some people on fedi about a webring. While we were talking I just happened to visit <>. Turns out I never set up the subdomain to point to my blog. So I went into /etc/nginx to fix that.

It was disgusting.

The directory /etc/nginx/ is itself a forest of config files. Anything useful is split up among them. The files themselves are an entirely different story. Each one is a barren wasteland of newlines, dotted with comments from civilizations long dead. It's impossible to quickly get anything useful from them if you're parsing them, and God help you if you need to actually modify one.

Anyway, I'm going to just completely remake my nginx config files from scratch. I figure I'll do that when I upgrade my vps from Debian 10 to 11. Until then, anybody visiting my website is going to need to deal with broken subdomains and half-broken ssl.

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