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date:2021-03-23 00:29
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summary:A little about me page

The following is pulled directly from my About page. The page will be updated as time goes on, but this post will not.

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Who am I?

I'm Amber, a 19 year-old trans girl. I realized this on February 6th and ever since then my life has been an emotional roller coaster. Dysphoria is fun. One minute I'm perfectly fine and the next minute I'm beside myself with "Oh fuck why?!"

I also have paranoia about technology and surveillance. If you saw how I deal with this you'd think I'm technophobic.

What software do I use?

My current setup is arch linux with a tiling window manager, IceCat as my browser, kitty as my terminal, and zsh as my shell. Vim is also pretty nice.

I'm using a program called Pelican (It should be linked to at the bottom of the page) to write this website.

What do I do in my free time?

I spend my free time on my computer. I'm usually tinkering around with one thing or another. When I'm not tinkering around I'm usually browsing Fedi or playing tf2.

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